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I've been working on this new course for 3 years

  • In 2018 right after I launched the 2.0 version of my course... I began compiling a huge list of questions & difficulties students have while going through it. 3.0 answers all those questions

  • 2.0 was the most comprehensive vocal course on the web. And 3.0 is worlds beyond THAT. 

  • I have added a TON of content in this new version of my course. So much so that a downloadable option is out of the question. There's just too much content. The first volume in 3.0 by itself... is bigger than the entire 2.0 course

  • If you sign up for 3.0, you will be set for life. It contains every piece of knowledge, every exercise, every concept you need to know... to go from knowing NOTHING about singing, to fronting a successful band and touring the world. No joke. 
  • Stream 3.0 on any device... You can stream 3.0 on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and TV! 

  • 3.0 can be accessed through a mobile app... which means all the content is easily accessible from anywhere with internet

  • In 3.0 I've included daily lesson plans for those who want them. So you know exactly which videos to watch... exactly what exercises to work on... every day. Everything is mapped out for you. 

  • Because 3.0 is STREAMING ONLY... if you sign up for 3.0 you will get access to any future updates I add to the course. In other words I won't release a 4.0 or 5.0 version of my course... instead I'll just update 3.0


Only $149 to join, then $19.95/mo starting month 2!

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